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terminalpleasure asked: My secret is that now that we can't say rude things on the WoW boards, I say extra mean stuff on Tumblr knowing that the targets will post it to the MG forum for me. #MG Illuminati

In which Bjorn admits he would RP with Qerrathien even if she knowingly cybersexed with underage boys because “everyone has dirt.”

In which Bjorn admits he would RP with Qerrathien even if she knowingly cybersexed with underage boys because “everyone has dirt.”

Scumbags and the Truth

The thing about scumbags is that they are always lying to their friends about how persecuted they are and how everything going around about them is untrue — and then, I don’t know if they push the friends to white knight for them, or if the sort of chumps that would be friends with a scumbag are just inexorably pulled to the white knight armor, but they double-down in public…

And then get hit with screenshots.

What are they thinking? I mean, is this stupidity or an extreme delusion? “This time maybe the truth won’t be true if I lie enough!”

#b real mg

Dear Pylsur




Here, I’ll ‘hide’ this so others who have no interest in it don’t have to read it.

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You killed your cat. You deserve to be alone and miserable.

Smashing a cats head in with a rock is killing a cat. Shooting it is killing it. Starving it is killing it. What I had to do was make a decision. Spend a ungodly amount of money for a chance to save a cat AND go into financial ruin or make cat as comfortable as possible and wait (it was only a couple days anyways) for cats end of life. Pets die. Eventually they all die and this cat was already old. Fact of life there. So you can go fuck off with your judgemental statement that I deserve to be alone and miserable.

I didn’t see you there sitting on the floor talking softly to cat and petting her until she fell asleep on her last night. I didn’t see YOU offering me your credit card number or say, “Give me the number to the vet and I’ll take care of it!”

Fuck you. It’s a cat. That’s reality. It’s a PET. That’s reality. Pets die and I have my own bills and responsibilities to take care of.

Here, allow me to be just as much of a shit as you.

I hope you too have to deal with the exact same situation I did.

For reference.

Boy Scouts vote to lift ban on gay youth







Another step forward. 

I live right next to Grapevine. Yesterday they were lining city streets with “Vote to keep Scouts Pure” signs. I wanted to run over every single one of them.

yahoo comments are fucking disgusting too

GG Boy Scouts. Way to stick to your values! Way to cave in. Might as well disband the organization. If you think this is the end. You are wrong. First it’s the scouts, now they’ll demand that leadership ‘accept’ openly gay adults. After all, won’t it be hypocritical to say that you accept that openly gay boy for 17 years, 364 days, but the day he turns 18… NOPE! You are gay and a adult! /kick out.

You are not a political organization. You are not federally funded. You are a PRIVATE organization! Discriminate against gays? Discrimination is wrong you say? So how come GIRLS aren’t allowed in? Huh? Discriminate much? What about Atheists?

Discrimination in a organization in which people AREN’T forced to participate in? Perish the thought. This isn’t about acceptance. This is about being FORCED to accept people who’s values are NOT shared by you.

Boy Scouts lost. BIG TIME. There in no victory here. There is no step forward. There is nothing but the trampling of FREEDOM AND CHOICE!

If the LGBT community wanted to be scouts, boy or girl, then let them created a scouting program where there IS NO discrimination at all. EVER. Nothing stops them from creating their own organization. They could have easily gotten a Boy/Girl Scout Handbook, scrubbed all the stuff from it that they didn’t agree with, and create their own organization.

But no… gotta destroy the Boy Scouts with this bullshit acceptance lie.

I am so disappointed.

I don’t see how anyone could possibly see this as a victory. It’s a loss, for both sides. Boy Scouts lose and the LGBT community loses. They lose because it is obvious now that they do not want to just be accepted. They DEMAND acceptance no matter what you think, believe or want.

SCREW YOU and your ideals. It’s OUR way only and if you don’t like it, tough shit.

What a load of hyperbolic drivel.  I guess it doesn’t surprise me.

I wonder if shrilinda has trouble breathing when she types these things. After all, her brain must devote 97% of its total working power to trying to find the lol key.

Stax is claiming he “went to the source” and was told Shrilinda never made homophobic statements while raging about the Boy Scouts. Clearly his source is Shrilinda, herself.

But they are both lying sacks of shit, so it doesn’t really mater.

For the sake of thoroughness, though, I figured I would reblog this.

The List of MG's Most Moronic Posters






Though many of these players are also scumbags, for this list I am looking for people who are known for being really really…

Keinis def belongs

People have suggested the following:

Keinis — I’d prefer to leave him off because putting him on would make him happy but he is incredibly stupid

Qerrathien — Yes, stupid

Hopewarden — was that the “In Defense of Plagiarism” dude? Maybe.

Aeriyth — are they known for being stupid or just scummy?

Lanuria — mostly known for scumminess

Calleo — pretty dumb, but I’m going to add Kaemrys, the dumber Calleo, on the list

Rhalit — seems stupid but probably not notable enough for the list

Names added: Keinis, Qerrathien, Kaemrys

Anonymous asked: If you hate the forums then why do you spend so much time posting there, responding antagonistically to everything and anything that remotely rustles your jimmies? Most people who hate something avoid that thing.

Mostly because I hate the people on the forum and by responding antagonistically to them I hurt their feelings.